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"I was wrongly sued and needed a property survey for building and zoning permit applications and a letter by an Engineer licensed to do work in Philadelphia. Alta Design was responsive to my time frame needs and testified in my case as an expert witness. If it were not for their expertise, I would have lost my case. I highly recommend this company, not only for your backyard project engineering needs but also for any property disputes and expert testimony at court hearing needs."

- J. Johnson, Homeowner, Philadelphia, PA

"I was very impressed with the design and especially the calculations. Best I've seen, by far."

- E. Konzelmann, Montgomery County Conservation District

"This is one of the best design submissions I've seen in years, we appreciate the level of effort being put into the initial submission."

- E. Konzelmann, Montgomery County Conservation District

"You pulled off what no-one else could... thanks. You have a new loyal client."

- M. Eberhardt, Barneston Hill Landscape & Design, LLC

"I will be sure to reach out with our next project in Lower Merion Township. Appreciate your quick response and turnaround."

- M. Holmes, Premier Pools and Spas

"I've been really impressed by [Alta] throughout our work together, during our home renovations and now the landscaping proposal. [Alta] is very buttoned up, responsive and timely, an excellent writer, and had a great call with the other day - the whole package. 

I'm also in the professional services business, a partner in a major consulting firm, so over 35+ years I've had the privilege of working with many hundreds of accountants, consultants, architects, engineers, etc. - so I really appreciate someone who is both excellent in their craft and also a great client service pro."

- C. Johnson, Homeowner, Haverford Township, Delaware County, PA

"Alta Design was thorough, professional, and easy to work with. Definitely worth checking out for your engineering and design needs."

- C. Wiggins, Homeowner, Thornbury Township, Delaware County, PA

"Tim and crew have thorough knowledge and vision of projects. Best residential [tennis] court in country 2019............Alta from start to finish!

- T. Puhl, Patriot Grounds & Site Services

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