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Structural Engineering: Analysis & Design

Structural Engineering, which is considered a specialized branch of Civil Engineering, involves the analysis and design of structures. More specifically, Structural Engineers perform computational analyses to assess how forces such as gravity, wind, temperature, and loads will impact a structure – Structural Analysis – and then determine how the structure should be constructed and what materials should be used – Structural Design. The primary goal of Structural Engineering is to ensure that all structures are safe, stable, and durable.

Alta can provide Structural Engineering services for any and all projects, big or small, from single beam sizing and design to complete Structural Analysis and Design for a custom home, commercial structure, or industrial or recreational facility.     

Our Structural Engineering services include:

  • natural- and engineered-wood stick framing, including beams, columns, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs for all types of structures;
  • steel-reinforced concrete slabs, walls, and foundations, for buildings, swimming pools and spas, retaining walls, etc.;
  • steel framing, including beams, columns, walls, floors, and roofs for all types of structures;
  • concrete-masonry-unit walls;
  • segmental retaining walls; and
  • deep foundation systems, including reinforced concrete piers, steel piles, timber piles, and helical piers.

This list of Structural Engineering services is not all-inclusive. If you have a project or engineering need that you do not see in our list, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.

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