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Land Survey & Engineering

Alta has an in-house survey team with the latest in GPS (Global Positioning System) Land Survey equipment.

We can provide the Land Survey services for all of your project needs.


Alta Design provided Civil Engineering & Land Development, Land Survey, Permitting, and Construction Inspection & Testing services for this project. Concept and construction by PondWorks.

Our Land Survey services include:

  • As-Built Topographic Surveys, which focus on mapping the physical features of a property, such as elevation changes, contours, structures, water bodies, trees, etc.;   
  • Boundary Determination Surveys, which utilize property records and specialized survey equipment to locate and mark the corners and boundaries of a property;   
  • Construction Surveys, which involve staking out proposed features for construction, or verifying the location of constructed features; and 
  • Subdivision or Lot Consolidation Surveys, which involve mapping the boundaries and significant features of a property or properties for the purpose of planning a subdivision (dividing a parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels) or lot consolidation (consolidating two or more parcels into one larger parcel).    
Alta Design has provided various engineering services for this on-going property, including Civil Engineering & Land Development, Structural Engineering, Land Survey, Permitting, and Construction Inspection & Testing Services. Dwelling & Land Concept by OMNIA Architects Group and Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, LTD. Construction by SpectraCon.

Alta uses the data collected in Land Surveys to produce drawings showing the as-built and/or existing conditions and boundaries of a property or properties, to the detail and extent needed for the specific survey type requested or required for your project. These existing conditions plans may then be used to develop Civil Engineering & Land Development plans for any new project you are planning for your property.

This list of Land Survey services is not all-inclusive. If you have a project or engineering need that you do not see on our list, do not hesitate to CONTACT US.  

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