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Municipal, County, State, & Federal Permitting

In addition to our engineering and design services, Alta can assist you in obtaining the required permits for your project.

Permit requirements are dependent on many factors, including the location and size of the project, as well as the presence of naturally occurring conditions such as bodies of water, wetlands, floodplains, steep slopes, etc. 

We are happy to provide whatever assistance you need to navigate the often-confusing waters of local, county, state, and federal codes, regulations, and permit applications. We can also assist with any variance applications, and we can appear at Planning Commission and/or Zoning Hearing Board proceedings on your behalf if you have applied for a variance or special exception. 

Typical Permit Applications:

Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss your project, your engineering needs, and the permits and/or variances that may be required to make your plans a reality.

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