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Expert Engineering Reports & Testimony

Was your property damaged due to the actions or negligence of an architect, engineer, inspector, or contractor? Alta would be happy to discuss your case with you and your attorney and provide assistance, as and when possible. Based on your needs and the scope of your case, this could include any or all of the following: telephone and/or on-site consultation; on-site inspections, analysis, sampling, and testing, as needed; expert report preparation; and/or expert engineering testimony in any legal proceedings

The parapet wall on the roof deck of this residence in Philadelphia was damaged due to the improper installation of the overlying stucco fa├žade.

Our Expert Engineering Reports & Testimony have been instrumental to the successful outcome of many legal proceedings involving damage to structures or properties, including, but not limited to, clients whose dwellings and/or businesses were damaged or collapsed due to excavation and construction activities at neighboring properties; clients whose dwellings and/or businesses were damaged due to improper design and construction of the building envelope; and to clients whose outdoor spaces and/or swimming pools and spas were damaged or failed due to improper construction procedures.

Cracks were sustained in walls of this residence in Philadelphia due to improper and unsafe excavation methodologies at an adjacent neighboring property.

Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss damages or suspected negligence that you have experienced at your property, and what we can do to help you. 

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