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Structural Inspections

Structural Inspections are performed by a Structural Engineer to evaluate and confirm the structural integrity, stability, and soundness of a home or other structure, focusing specifically on the structure’s weight-bearing elements, such as framing, beams, columns, posts, and trusses. 


Alta is typically retained for Structural Inspections by clients who observe damage or other conditions within their home or structure that might indicate that the structure is moving or settling, or that there is some other structural inadequacy or failure.

Examples of observations made by property owners might include cracking on the interior or exterior walls of a structure; gaps at the tops or bottoms of interior or exterior walls; sloping of the floors or other signs that a structure might have moved or settled; or wetness, mold, or stains that might point to a failure in the building envelope that has led to water seepage.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or any other issue that leads you to question the safety or stability of your home or structure, Alta can perform a Structural Inspection and provide a letter or report with recommendations for repair. Alta can also observe any implemented repairs to ensure that the final product is sound and stable.

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