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Stormwater Management Facility Inspections

Annual inspections of Stormwater Management Facilities are often required by local municipalities and county conservation districts, and are highly recommended even for those facilities located in municipalities and counties where they are not required. Alta can provide those Stormwater Management Facility Inspection services. 

At a minimum, a typical annual inspection includes:

    • the removal of debris from the surface of inlets and inside inlet boxes, sediment traps, and sumps;
    • the inspection of grates on inlets or yard drains to make sure they are not cracked or missing;
    • the inspection of gutters and downspouts to make sure they are free of leaves, debris, and mud;
    • the inspection of surface vegetation conditions to make sure uniform coverage of grass and vegetation is maintained;
    • the inspection of outlet structures to make sure they are intact and free of debris;
    • the inspection of slopes and berms to make sure they are fully stabilized, adequately vegetated, and devoid of erosion;
    • the inspection of areas downstream from stormwater management facilities to make sure they are fully stabilized and devoid of erosion;
    • the inspection of infiltration facilities to make sure there is no standing water and that the internal pipes empty within the maximum time allowed by the municipality or county; and
    • the inspection of trees in the vicinity of stormwater management facilities to make sure they are not compromising the integrity of the system.    

    If any repairs are required, Alta will discuss the repairs with you and help you coordinate and schedule the repairs with your contractor or landscaper. Once any necessary repairs have been performed and inspected, Alta will complete project-specific checklists and/or prepare a letter, if required by your local municipality or county conservation district, detailing the maintenance and inspection activities performed and certifying the integrity of your stormwater management facility.

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