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Site Design

Once the concept for your project has been decided, the next step is Site Design. Site Design focuses on the layout of a proposed project within a property or properties and how the land needs to be developed so that the new project is properly integrated with the existing conditions of the property and the surrounding community.

Alta Design provided various Civil Engineering & Land Development services for this property over the years, including Project Planning, Site Design, Stormwater Management, and Erosion & Sediment Control. We also performed several topographic and boundary determination Land Surveys, and provided Structural Engineering, Permitting, and Construction Inspection & Testing services.

Alta can work with you to prepare a Site Design for your project that not only considers the goals, aesthetics, and functionality of your project and your property, but also meets Municipal, County, State, & Federal Code & Permitting requirements.

We can prepare drawings that show the proposed Site Design, including the location and orientation of any proposed structures, water features, or hardscaping; how the site will be graded to accommodate and integrate the proposed project; the routing of new and existing utilities; and any required maps, details, cross-sections, etc., that may be required.

The Site Design process goes hand-in-hand with many of the other facets of Civil Engineering & Land Development, including Stormwater Management Engineering, and Erosion & Sediment Control.

It is also important to note that a plan of existing conditions is required over which the new Site Design can be prepared. Alta can provide Land Survey & Engineering services if you do not already have an existing conditions site plan for your property.

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