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Ponds, Water Features, & Dams

Ponds & Water Features

A Pond is defined as a small, natural or man-made body of water that is typically shallow enough to support rooted aquatic plants and various forms of aquatic life. Ponds can vary in size from small, shallow depressions to larger bodies of water covering several acres. 

Water Features refer to any decorative or functional element in landscape or architectural design that incorporates water as a central component. Some examples include fountains, waterfalls, water walls, water gardens, and reflecting pools.

Ponds and Water Features offer a great number of benefits, both practical and aesthetic, to residential, commercial, and public spaces, including, but not limited to:

  • Aesthetic Appeal & Increased Property Value
  • Wildlife Preservation & Biodiversity
  • Water Conservation
  • Stormwater Management
  • Erosion Control
  • Relaxation & Stress Reduction
  • Climate Control & Cooling
  • Air Quality Improvement
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Educational Opportunities

Ponds and Water Features enrich outdoor environments, promote connection with nature, and enhance quality of life.

Alta has extensive knowledge about and experience with designing and engineering Ponds and Water Features, including Site Design & Land Development, Stormwater Management Engineering, Structural Design & Engineering, and Plumbing and Electrical Design. A few of the Ponds and Water Features that Alta engineered are highlighted below.

+/-2 Acre Pond at Residence & Alpaca Farm in Chester County, PA (concept & construction by Pondworks, Inc.)

Duck Pond at Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo & Education Center at the Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, PA (concept & construction by Pondworks, Inc.)

Decorative Water Feature at "Stoneleigh: A Natural Garden" in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA (concept & construction by Pondworks, Inc.)

Natural Stream & Pond at Residence in Chestnut Hill Area of Philadelphia, PA

Ornamental Water Feature for Decorative Sign in Concord Township, Delaware County, PA (concept & construction by Pondworks, Inc.)

Swimming Pond & Pastures in Chester County, PA


Alta also has experience designing, engineering, and maintaining Dams. Dams are structures that are built across a river, stream, or other waterway to control the flow of water, to create reservoirs, or to generate hydroelectric power. Dams are designed to impede the natural flow of water, resulting in an accumulation of water upstream, and the creation of a reservoir or lake downstream. One such lake is Lake Wynonah in Schuylkill County, PA, on which Alta's "home" office is located. Mr. Brouse, Alta's Founder & Principal Engineer, has been involved in several past inspection and repair projects, and he is now the Chair of the Lake Wynonah Property Owners Association Dam Committee. As such, Mr. Brouse will be involved in all aspects of future maintenance, restoration, and renovation efforts for the dam and spillways, including a potential future hydro-electric component. 

Pictures of Lake Wynonah & the Lake Wynonah Dam

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