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Land Disturbance Regulations & Permits

Land Disturbance Permits are required for most new construction projects, grading activities, or other site development projects that will result in any changes to topography or vegetation. The purpose of Land Disturbance Regulations & Permits is to manage activities that could lead to soil erosion or other environmental concerns. Land Disturbance Permits include Grading Permits and/or Erosion Control Permits, depending on the municipality.

Specific permit requirements often depend on the extent or area (square footage) of land disturbance that is proposed. These permit requirements are typically outlined on the municipality's website and within the Municipal Code or Ordinance, which can also typically be accessed on the municipality's website, or by usingecode360. 

Permits are obtained by submitting the appropriate application(s) to the municipality, along with engineering plans that show, at a minimum, the existing conditions and topography of the property, the proposed construction and changes in topography, the land disturbance area, and any Erosion & Sediment Control measures that are required by the municipality. Applications must be accompanied by application and review fees, as specified by the municipality. In many municipalities, if the land disturbance area exceeds a predetermined value (such as 1,000 square feet), the plans must also be reviewed by the County Conservation District.

For projects that have proposed land disturbance areas that will exceed one acre, a NPDES Permit is required, as further discussed on our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Program page.

Depending on the proposed increase in impervious coverage and the total land disturbance area of a project, temporary and/or permanent Stormwater Management facilities also may be required. Approval for Stormwater Management facilities may be covered by a standard Grading or Erosion Control Permit, or may require a separate Runoff or Stormwater Management permit, depending on the municipality. Please visit our Stormwater Management Engineering page for more information about Stormwater and the design and engineering of Stormwater Management facilities.

Further information about the specific engineering and design components of a site development project can be found on our Civil Engineering & Land Development pages.

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