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Highway Occupancy Permits

Highway Occupancy Permits are generally issued by the state, and are required when a new construction project will impact or interfere with a state road; for example, a new driveway connection to a state road; a utility installation project; changes to the width or geometry of a state road; or any construction project that will temporarily or permanently close, change, or impede the use of a state roadway. 

Highway Occupancy Permit applications must be submitted prior to the start of construction for any project that will impact a state roadway or right-of-way. Highway Occupancy Permit applications are reviewed by a state's Department of Transportation. 


In Pennsylvania, Highway Occupancy Permit applications can be submitted online using the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation ePermitting System. The Application for Minimum Use Driveway Form involves only minimal information for submission, including location information, speed limits, and sight distance information. A "Sample" copy of Pennsylvania's Application for Minimum Use Driveway Form is provided to the right.

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