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Environmental Engineering

In all of our work, Alta strives to protect, sustain, and/or improve the natural environment in or on which a project is developed and operated. This is primarily accomplished before and during the design phase of a project. 

Before the design phase of a project begins, it is important that the use and history of a property are properly researched and assessed.

If the historical use of the property is in question, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) will often be performed. A Phase I ESA involves an in-depth review and investigation of the use of a property and all nearby properties within a pre-determined area, to determine if there are any recognized environmental conditions that could impact the value or future use of the subject property, and a preparation of a report detailing those findings. A Phase II ESA involves the physical collection of soil and/or water samples for laboratory testing to determine if hazardous substances are present at the property, and a preparation of a report detailing the results of those tests. Alta has experience in completing both Phase I and Phase II ESAs.

During the design phase of any project, Alta always takes into consideration the impact of the proposed project on the surrounding environment. Steps are taken to minimize land disturbance and to protect and maintain the existing condition of all land outside of a construction area. This is accomplished in large part during Site Design, Stormwater Management Engineering, and Erosion & Sediment Control.

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