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Custom Projects

Alta can provide full-service engineering and design for any type of project, from dwellings and swimming pools to custom and/or niche projects that are unique to your property and your needs. A couple examples of Custom Projects engineered by Alta are discussed on this page.

When one of Alta’s favorite canines, Holly, lost a leg to cancer in 2023, Alta jumped in to help by providing structural engineering services for the design of a custom pet elevator that would carry Holly up and down a height of almost 9 feet to access the backyard from the rear deck, so she wouldn’t have to climb the 14 steps up and down. Pictures of the completed elevator are included to the right. A video of the top half of Holly's first ride is included below (taken just prior to her amputation).

Based on Alta’s design, a wood structure was constructed, with an electric cable hoist at the top that could lift and lower a wood crate for Holly’s transport, and which also could be utilized to transport other household bins and items to the upper floor of the dwelling. A small project, indeed, but a game-changer for Holly and her family! 

Alta also has experience with designing and constructing custom treehouses. In the case of the pictures included below, one of the children in the family requested a “castle” treehouse and another requested a treehouse that looked like a ship. Alta selected suitable trees on the property and designed a magical backyard hide-out that would make both of the children happy, using non-invasive methods of supporting the treehouse without damaging the trees. 

Alta is also in the process of developing a Treehouse Resort and Retreat with custom, fully-equipped and habitable treehouse structures to be constructed within the impressive redwood giants in Santa Cruz, California. Mountain bike trails and other recreational activities are also planned for the retreat. Stay tuned to our Current Projects page for more details about this exciting new project!

Feel free to CONTACT US to discuss any custom project you might have in mind, and let us help you make your plans a reality.

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