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Current Projects

Renaissance Ice Center

The Renaissance Ice Center is a project that is currently in its conceptual design stage. The project proposes the construction of a 3-story recreational and athletic training facility including two indoor ice rinks, an indoor turf rink and an indoor turf training field, a yoga studio and gym, a party room, a pro shop, a cafĂ©, and a restaurant, as well as assorted other retail and service spaces, with associated locker rooms, restrooms, parking facilities, etc.

The Renaissance Ice Center is proposed for construction at a currently vacant property located on Renaissance Boulevard in Upper Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA. The goal of the facility is to provide top-of-the-line training facilities for local sports teams, as well as a safe space for people of all ages to come and enjoy the various sporting, food, and recreational facilities. 

Alta has thus far provided Land Survey & Engineering and preliminary Civil Engineering & Land Development services for this project. We will continue to be part of all phases of the project moving forward, including the detailed Civil Engineering & Land Development, Architectural Design, Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Testing, Stormwater Management Engineering, preparation of NPDES and other required Permits, and Construction Inspection & Testing services. 

A conceptual site plan of the proposed facility is shown in the images provided below. 



Lower Merion Township Residential Land Development Project

This project is currently under construction, and includes a new residential dwelling with driveway and other associated appurtenances, and a new swimming pool. The project is located on a property in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA, with an existing stream, wetlands, and a conservation easement. Alta was part of this project from its conception, and will continue to provide engineering services through the end of construction. 

Due to the disturbance area for the project being over one acre, the project required a NPDES Permit. Alta provided the Civil Engineering & Land Development, Land Survey & Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering & Soil Testing, and Stormwater Management Engineering services for the preparation and approval of the NDPES Permit and other required Permits. At the close of the project, Alta will prepare as-built site plans, and we will certify that everything was constructed according to the approved plans, as required by the regulations of the NPDES permit, which involves continued Land Survey & Engineering and Construction Inspection & Testing services. We also provide on-going inspections of Erosion & Sediment Control measures to make sure they continue to function properly and continue to protect the undisturbed natural resources on the property.

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